Zuzanna Spaltabaka (PL)
Capsule Collection. Efficiency and agency. Objects with materials and techniques, acting as furniture
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
dr Tomasz Gałązka
In her project, the author attempts to reinterpret traditional craft techniques, where the technology and process of creation become more important than the products as such. The final outcome is a combination of design thinking, craft, and modern manufacturing technologies. The objects were created in cooperation with 14 craftspeople, including carpenters, locksmiths, a ceramist, a weaver, a spinner, and a glassmaker. Each object tells a story of its creation: the carefully thought-out seams and handmade mechanisms are not concealed. The laborious process of creation is reflected in the way the products are used, spotlighting the aspects of tangibility, mindfulness, and the appreciation of the traces which users leave on them.