Zuzana Bošková (CZ)
Table Kit
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague
Prof. Jiří Pelcl
The work desk is a popular theme for professional designers, but also for students, as we can see from the numerous competition entries. The multifunctional aspect of the subject and its variability cropped up in several submissions. The name itself – “Table Kit” – reveals that the designer took a playful and personal approach to the desk, based on memories of playing in childhood and building kits for children. She moved away from a vertical viewpoint and worked well with a horizontal surface. This creates a space that takes the perception of the object to a different level, and the motto “build your own house” signals that users can create their own table, furniture, and functions according to their own needs, and thus can show their individual identity. This object changes its form, as also evidenced by its modular structure. The transformation of architectural principles into furniture is interesting, and adds to the piece.