Piotr Hołub (PL)
Visual ID for the Odrzańska Bryza Football Team
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław
Roman Kowalik
Our first thought was: “Another visual ID – handsome, consistent, but where is the design problem worthy of an MA project?” The choice of topic somewhat mollified our skepticism, however. A designer would doubtless have his/her hands full in civilizing Polish soccer. The sports environment is seldom visually interesting, because even when you find something the marketers have forgotten to plaster with advertising, it is generally chintzy and shiny, made to suit the tastes of stadium thugs, and as predictable as the commentary of a sports journalist. This is why we were somewhat disappointed that Piotr Hołub – though he has whetted our appetites – has designed an ID for a student team (which, perhaps, will not be needing stationery and business cards), and not for one of the larger ones, where he could pit his work against the fans’ energy. We do, however, appreciate the fact that his work has a real recipient. We like the elegant monochromatic and symmetrical logo‑monogram, respecting the heraldic tradition of soccer. 3:2 for the designer!