Richard Jaroš (CZ)
Data Visualization in Contemporary Media
B.A. project
Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín
Rostislav Illík
Richard Jaroš addresses the subject of the visualization of data, along with its history and use in the media. In tracing its historical development, he has taken into account issues of political correctness and ethics, as well the consequences of overuse and manipulation that arise from suggesting incorrect interpretations of data.
The designer has also chosen to address contemporary social problems concerning the Internet, freedom of expression, and access to information. He is interested in the crisis of journalism, the monopolization of the media, and its impact on public opinion, as well as the increasing calls for information censorship on the Internet under the pretext of copyright protection, the fight against child pornography, terrorism etc.
Jaroš has gathered a great deal of data which he has visualized and presented in the form of large‑scale installations and samizdat, which become independent, alternative sources of information. To facilitate and hasten the multiplication of materials, which was a priority for the designer, he avoided the use of color. Instead, he created his design using a monochromatic palette that would remain legible even when photocopied multiple times.
The jury appreciated both the subject and the execution of the work. Furthermore, in Central European countries, the visualization of data is an underdeveloped specialization – making Richard Jaroš’ contribution to the field all the more valuable.