Piotr Wiśniewski (PL)
Design for a Virtual Museum of Polish Industrial Design
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow
Prof. Władysław Pluta
Unable to wait for a museum of Polish industrial design, Piotr Wiśniewski has developed his own virtual version.
His web site presents the history of product design in Poland, divided into five periods, from the beginnings until the present day, and into seven theme‑based categories: lighting; household appliances; furniture; glass and ceramics; radio and television equipment; transportation; and accessories. The slogan‑promise of the Virtual Museum, “Learn about Design – 100%,” is realized through the historical context of the designs and the use of multimedia (e.g. films, 3D animation, construction schemes). There are also some extra paths, which are independent of the site’s basic structure. The site is integrated with the Internet Library of Industrial Design and the Polish Designers’ Dictionary (Institute of Industrial Design). The intention is for the site to be built up by users in collaboration with specialists, who will verify the added information. The site’s graphic design is based on a module grid – which is also taken into account in the logo.