Małgorzata Buksińska (PL)
Projektant i zleceniodawca. Poradnik współpracy.
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
Tomasz Bierkowski
This guide facilitates the cooperation between graphic designers and their clients. It is a web-based application enabling users to adopt a global perspective of the project and the relationship between the designer and the client as well as the one between the project and its addressee. The tool can be universally used at many stages of the project. Following the instructions, the user is guided in a lineal way through all the components of the app. The levels of difficulty and detail of the subjects covered in the guide get higher as the user analyses the subsequent elements – and at the same time, each element is a coherent whole so the model can be used in parts. The guide suggests possible ideas – it does not provide readymade solutions.