Zsuzsanna Hodovan (HU)
Regenerative design
M.A. project
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest
DLA Koós Pál
The author of this work has set herself the task of developing a local, creative community, finding its creative opportunities, and placing them in the modern social and economic context, trying to answer the fundamental question: how to employ design to change the life a community which faces the consequences of system transformation? The designer has found a solution to that problem in a Hungarian village called Mátrakeresztes, whose inhabitants have produced wooden spoons since 1925. She has related this object to the attractions offered by the ski resort of Mátraszentistván and designed a sledge. In her project, she has taken numerous factors into consideration: the existing technological resources, the local material, namely beech wood, the functional simplicity of folk traditions, and ergonomics. She has also made use of the modern trend of low tech.