Anna Jabłonowska-Holý (SK)
SGD/TGDU Sustainable Graphic Design
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Palo Bálik
The selection commission liked the subject the student chose. Sustainable design is appearing more and more often, even in the pages of popular magazines. Anna Jabłonowska‑Holý decided to make a web page (www.tugd.info) on sustainable graphic design. According to the designer, the work itself was prepared in an ecological fashion. For example, using thin white letters on a black background limits the monitor’s use of energy, and the texts chosen to print appear on the screen in an eco‑font, with holes to save toner.

Unfortunately, the designer was so preoccupied with the idea of energy­‑saving that she forgot that thin white letters on a screen appear to blink, which distracts the reader. The print version has its faults as well. The size of the text on the screen, and then in print, can be regulated with the “view” options, but the leading cannot be changed. Because the column fills the entire page (to save paper), with the standard (8 to 11) text size the lines become too long, which, combined with the near‑zero leading, additionally impairs readability. We toast the idea, and wish the graduate success in the fine art of balancing the demands of ecology and ergonomics.