Blanka Erdélyi (HU)
Reflection mirror
B.A. project
University of Applied Science in Budapest
Koleszár Ferenc
The topic was phrased in an abstract fashion: the object was to assist interaction between the user and his/her environment, and to serve a communication function in a place of choice; it also had to be durable and resistant to weather conditions, reliable, and easy to produce. The designer decided to use light concrete to form small objects, and after conducting some experiments, she constructed cubes with balls built inside. She then placed a small mirror on their surfaces. The construction allows the balls to turn 180 degrees. Sunlight reflected by the mirror can be pointed at a chosen part of the city. In this way we can highlight a place that normally escapes our attention, culling overlooked architectural details “from the shadows” or visually complementing contemporary architecture. This way of isolating parts of the landscape can also be used in city games, which have become so popular in our day.