Sára Ulrich (HU)
Typography in Context
M.A. project
Moholy‑Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest
Balla Dóra
How do we read books in the digital era? For many years, paper was the bridge between the author and the reader. This designer decided to stick with the traditional medium, while introducing elements borrowed from the digital world: gaming, the capacity to read a book from various sides, and transparency. The result is an experimental book in which typography is the dominant component – abstract illustration. A subjective, graphic interpretation of text significantly slows the reading process. The visual material changes from chapter to chapter, making the text difficult to read in places. The designer has another good reason to turn our attention to the reading process. Her design decisions go hand‑in‑hand with the content of a book by Italo Calvino, If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler – a metafictional novel about reading. The typographic tactics are intended to reflect Calvino’s work. As such, this project explores the limits of visual perception. A small booklet and poster have been additionally designed as information materials. This sophisticated design does, however, lead us to ask if the readers will in fact plow through the tangled typography, to follow the student’s interpretation, or if the complexity will simply discourage them from reading, leaving them to admire the book as a work of art.