Marek Menke (SK)
Visual Identity for the BÄM! comics magazine
M.A. project
Visual Identity for the BÄM! comics magazine
Pavel Choma, Eva Péč Brezinová
BÄM! is a magazine for comic‑book lovers. The graduating student, who is known among comic‑book fans in Slovakia, edited articles and reports by domestic and foreign authors, as well as interviews with figures from the local and world comics communities. He designed the magazine layout so that it suits the contents best. The whole is illustrated by comics by Slovak, Czech, and Serb artists. We appreciated the fact that the designer did not stop at creating the design, but also handled the production and distribution. The magazine can be purchased by mail for seven euro. As Menke writes, “BÄM! was created in a burst of rage at the lack of comics magazines in Slovakia.” The whole magazine was printed in two colors (sometimes the legibility of the blue text on black ground print somewhat suffers). We are waiting to see if the blue color will be replaced in the second issue, and if so, what the effect will be.