Anna Wójcik (PL)
Desta Desk and Table
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Tomek Rygalik
Increasing numbers of people work out of the home. The designer conducted a survey of seventy‑five people to confirm this. The results showed that professional work was often done in small apartments, making multifunctional solutions a necessity. Following these expectations, the graduating student designed a desk that can easily be transformed into a comfortable table for four. Half of the fold‑out tabletop (when the table transforms into a desk) becomes an upright headboard equipped with a railing. Metal pockets hang down, holding writing implements and other “essentials” that generally get scattered across a desk. When folding out the furniture you need not remove the pockets or their contents, nor perform any complicated operations. This is the solution’s major advantage. Another value is the elegant construction, made of solid beech wood and veneered blockboard, also made of beech. The warmth of the material and the neutrality and lightness of the piece make it more suitable for home furnishing than for an office.