Anna Górska (PL)
A Furniture System to Aid Psychophysical Development in Children 3–6 Years Old
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
dr Tomek Rygalik
The dimensions of these chairs and table are adapted to the anthropometric measurements of small children for shaping good posture, which can be decisive in later health. The swift growth of small users is a reason why costly adjustments are seldom used. The designer has put forward a simple solution to adapt the height of the table, chairs, and their backs in the form of a building game that lets the children take part. This furniture is built of colorful wooden blocks suitable for this age group, the kind children often use in various kinds of building games. The set allows you to build chairs and tables of four heights. For safety reasons, the furniture should be constructed under adult supervision. The designer has also considered the packaging, pictorial assembly instructions and, importantly, has supplied a place for storing the unused pieces under the tabletop and the seats.