Silvia Klúčovská (CZ)
Learning materials for Czech Sign Language
M.A. project
University of Tomas Bata in Zlín
M. A. Lenka Baroňová
The goal of the project is to facilitate independent learning of Czech Sign Language and to help the learners in revising the material and expanding their lexicon. The main tool of the project is the website, Znakověda, which makes use of modern technologies to enable the students to learn peacefully at home, with pleasure and interest. The lessons are divided into three parts – hand gestures, fingerspelling, and a dictionary offering a selection of words and phrases in eight categories, such as basic utterances, actions, numbers, family members, attributes, professions, animals, or clothes. The self-study course has an additional function of the Leap Motion controller, which allows the user to literally touch the signs. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to track the hand’s movements according to the instructions and correct them immediately.