Ludmiła Biniek Niezgoda (PL)
Design of typefaces based on historical patterns: mid-15th century, Venetian, 18th century, and early newspaper typefaces
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
profesor Maciej Buszewicz i Michał Jarociński
This work explores the historical patterns in the evolution of writing and typeface. It consists of four families: Ceralis, Atoli, Psyche, and Geller, referring to various periods of the progress of typography. The author has analysed the changes that have occurred in this field, starting from early Renaissance calligraphy, which then developed into Venetian fonts, through variants like Old Style, to early newspaper typefaces. She has also faced design problems related to transferring calligraphy into fonts (the computer medium) and technical issues connected with preparing the typefaces for typesetting as well as newspaper typefaces. The Ceralis italics preserve the references to the calligraphic inspirations, whereas the other three typeface families allude to printing types, thus presenting more typographic features.