Kamila Iżykowicz (PL)
RITU jewellery
B.A. project
School of Form in Poznań SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities
Ewa Klekot, Lucas Verweij
Is it just aroma locked in simple jewellery or is there more to it? The author has designed unusual accessories filled with aromatic substances: animal musk, garden sage, and clary sage, corresponding to the female menstrual cycle. The fragrances are released by rubbing the objects onto skin or by moving the string which joins them. The smells encourage the user to observe her body, to communicate with it. The scents have different characters: from those most energetic and cleansing, through those associated with sexuality, to those related to the need to calm down. In Sanskrit r’tu means a monthly recurring act culminating in a goal. The members of the jury were impressed by the innovative approach to jewellery design, combing women’s biology and the need to wear ornaments. The product is simple, sensual, and elegant in form.