Agnieszka Cieszanowska, Helena Wierzbowska (PL)
Na balkon! – furniture and accessory set for urban balconies
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
dr Paweł Grobelny
The project is primarily focused on filling a certain niche: the designer has created a set of furniture and accessories for city residents who have their own small balconies and are open to modern design. The set consists of a folding table, two seats (a stool and a chair with cushions), flowerpots, a watering can, an ashtray, and pouffes. There are also two additional storing components: a table with a tray and a bin and a cabinet with a top for plant repotting. The furniture is made of curved tubes and perforated metal sheets. The project is not a simple answer to the question of how to arrange a small balcony space. It functions as a catalogue for the users to choose the components that meet their needs best, rather than ready-made solutions.
Photos: Agnieszka Cieszanowska, Ignacy Ciszewski