Paulina Morawa (PL)
Concept design of devices supporting the visually impaired
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków
dr hab. Marek Liskiewicz
The author of the project noticed that harnesses for guide dogs assisting blind persons are not sufficiently functional. She invented new solutions to this problem, cooperating with visually-impaired people at every stage of the project. The harness became lighter and more comfortable in use. Even more importantly, the information transferred from the dog’s front paws to the handle was enhanced thanks to it, so that the guided person can smoothly omit all obstacles by reading the animal’s movements correctly. The harness is equipped with plastic elements placed in the textile part, which fix it better to the dog’s back and gather information from both shoulders. The construction is then more solid, which improves its effectiveness and helps the person walk without any trouble. There are also two replaceable handles: the single one can be used in cities, while the double handle is perfect for more demanding areas.