Marlena Norowska (PL)
Obwara – ceramic urns
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
prof. dr hab Jerzy Porębski
This project of ceramic urns has been inspired by mythology and the obvara firing technique used by the 12th century Balts. The author has created two kinds of urns: for human and animal remains. The urns for humans serve as an alternative solution to those available on the market, usually vase-shaped, full of religious symbols. The Obwara urns are personalised: there is a dent in the upper side, where some objects belonging to the deceased person can be kept. The ceremonial urns for animals do not resemble the human ones at all. Their shape symbolises the animal’s continuing existence after death. They also spark controversy, alluding to the fact that dead animal bodies become waste that must be disposed of somehow. Today, however, pet owners can hope for a decent goodbye. The ceramic urns for humans and animals are separate concepts and they do not form a set.