Katarzyna Wajdziak (PL)
Elements of visual identity and promotion system design for Żywiec Ethnographic Park
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków
prof. Władysław Pluta
The appropriate selection of all elements – photographs, paper, printing technology, and cover – are a foundation for the success of a project. In the album about Żywiec Etnopark, the designer managed to find the right balance between those factors. The book, in a way, carries the scent of history. You can feel the humidity of the place, the smell of wood and stones in the photos. Simple vector drawings, even though they might seem trivial, are perfect to emphasize the nature of the presented buildings. The publication has been printed on three different kinds of paper. Illustrations inspired by the tulle embroidery typical for the region are printed on semi‑transparent paper. Descriptions are placed on fine smooth paper. Finally, black‑and‑white photos are printed on grey rough paper which accentuates the original features of this area.