Fernando Echeverria (CZ)
From the Andes to Patagonia collection
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague
Liběna Rochová
The designer came to Prague in 2010 after completing his BA in industrial design in Quito, Ecuador. He studied fashion and footwear design at the Prague academy. His graduation project collection combines a fascination for culture, tradition, and the folk traditions of the Andes and Moravia. The designer began his work by researching the folk apparel still worn in South America, its symbolism and contemporary use. Then some unique woolen fabrics were woven according to his design in the crafts workshops of Ecuador. The ready-made clothing was created in Prague. The clothing collection is finished by footwear alluding to the traditional guaraches, sandals popular in Latin America. The work falls in line with responsible design – it is a fine example of comprehending and exploiting the personal experiences of a designer operating at the crossroads between South American and European cultures.