Joanna Depczak (PL)
Projekt kolekcji obuwia męskiego dla firmy Conhpol
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków
Bożena Groborz
The collection was created in cooperation with the Polish footwear company Conhpol Henryk Konopka. Five models were designed, based on the most characteristic shapes of men’s shoes: Chelsea boots, loafers, Derby shoes, and Oxford shoes. The designs are uniform in style and minimalist in form. The colours are reduced to black with little white additions. It is a certain homage to the classic and, at the same time, an example of how a form of an urban shoe can be reinterpreted. The shoes were made of natural leather, while the wedge soles were made of EVA – lightweight, flexible, and durable material. The shoe collection is unique not only due to the fact that the materials used are of great quality but also because it is a result of an effective cooperation with a craft factory using existing techniques of shoes production. Thanks to this, a professional collection of classic shoes was created emphasising the opportunities that lie in cooperating with manufacturers.