Jakub Spurný (CZ)
M.A. project
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague
Karel Haloun
This is a sci-fi gamebook inspired by various simulation theories, where the reader plays the main part in the story. The reader enters the story, receiving no information about what has happened or what is about to happen, there are no defined rules or identity. It is just an empty space. The gamebook is formed as a folded sheet listing all the situations and possibilities and thus providing a complete overview of the simulation. By moving from link to link, the reader unknowingly walks through a linear maze that overlaps and crosses with the map on transparent paper, creating more and more new situations. The futuristic nature of the gamebook is supported by the monospaced typeface BC Sklonar with a strictly modern character and refined details. The digital version of the game is available through a QR code on the cover, which, to the players’ unawareness, enables the author to track their movements as if observing mice in a laboratory.