András Fakó (HU)
Alternative working spaces – SPOTS
M.A. project
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest
MAT Anna Pais
The project is focused on people who work in coworking spaces and other public spaces. This is a combination of a service and a product which secures their computers against theft and tampering. The SPOTS system consists of a mantle, an application, a holder, and a wireless charging pad. The mantle works like a locker and serves to “book” a given spot for the user. In each of the mantle's corners there is an accelerometer. In a threatening situation (e.g. theft risk), the system sends a notification to the user and other persons working in the common room. The app can be used to lock and unlock the system. The mantle’s pattern resembles dart frogs’ skin and is meant to send a warning signal to the potential “predators”.