Teresa Chylińska-Kur (PL)
Visual ID System Design for Suseł (Gopher) Publishers
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź
Piotr Karczewski
In Poland they say: “He sleeps like a gopher,” bringing to mind bedtime stories, lullabies, and dreamy reveries. It inspired Teresa Chylińska‑Kur, who designed a complete visual ID based on a gopher motif for this non‑existent publishing house. This amiable animal finds the viewer’s sympathy at once, and according to marketing theory, this is a fundamental value in making someone like a brand. The pattern in vivid and unusual colors has three design variants: first – the outline version (for the books’ front and end papers), e.g. the written and designed book being a part of this MA project, saying who the child will be when s/he grows up, second – the plain logo on a blue background, and third – the main figure of the logo surrounded by a full illustration of the forest environment. Apart from the basic applications, the design includes a range of promotional materials – cups, a set of buttons, a series of three posters tied into a poem specially written for the bookmark, and postcards. Though the set should be highly rated, there is one thing that is missing, which would tie in to the special attributes of the gopher, the proverbial furry sleepy‑head. In other words – it is missing an original gadget.