Maria Prochaczek (PL)
A covered city. Design of a campaign and exhibition about the advertising law in Mikołów
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
dr hab. Jacek Mrowczyk
The starting point for the project and its accompanying campaign and open air exhibition was the following question: what percentage of the world can be covered by adverts? The goal of the project was to make the residents of the city of Mikołów aware of the changes resulting from the new landscape law in an accessible manner. That is why the most important provisions of the new resolution were presented as infographics and visualisations showing the impact of advertisements on the surroundings. The project is based on universal graphic design and a limited range of colours, where yellow is supposed to attract attention and signal the need for changes in public space. To make more and more people interested in the topic, the exhibition was displayed on the main square, with its shape inspired by the projection of the old city hall. This work has been created in cooperation with the city council and the Historical Association of Mikołów.