Marek Kasperek (PL)
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
M.A. project
Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Katowicach
Agata Chmielarz
Technical universities from all over the world compete in the Student Formula contest which consists in building racing cars. The Silesia Automotive student association from the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice is one of the competitors. The author of the project, a design student, created the bodywork for a single-seat car, providing it with a unique and visually attractive form. The 110 hp car weighs 230 kg; its body was made of carbon fibre using the method of infusion, which guaranteed the low weight and high durability. The visual identity of the team was another part of the project. According to the participants of the competition, a good-looking car helps acquire new sponsors, and that means gaining financial support for improving the project. Consequently, better solutions increase the chance of winning the competition. The car made its debut at the competition in Melbourne, Australia, in December 2016.

Photo: Tomasz Markiewicz