Joanna Guzik (PL)
Rain Wear for the Elderly and for Children
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków
Prof. Maria Dziedzic
Drizzle is a fine idea not only for a rainy day, but also for uniting the various generations. The designer noticed that both children and seniors are recommended long and regular outdoor physical activity. While walking, an adult guardian should have hands free, which makes an umbrella a less‑than‑perfect option. Unfortunately, the rain wear available on the market discourages seniors from going out when it rains. Drizzle has been carefully designed through analyses of the needs and limitations of the elderly and less capable users, and the modern cut and attention to detail should satisfy even the most exacting consumers. The designer has made fine use of the principles of universal design. She has created functional, aesthetically‑pleasing, and truly inclusive rain wear that discreetly encourages people of various ages and physical capabilities to walk together in the rain.