Dawid Żebrowski (PL)
Mailman’s Bag
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków
prof. Czesława Frejlich
The problem is a weighty one – on account of just one niche-market quarterly we all know and love, the mailman’s bag is stuffed with over a ton of packages every year. This design, which was preceded by field research, concentrates on ergonomic issues. The basic premise is to shift the main burden from the shoulders and back, and consequently, from the weaker parts of the spine, and onto the hip bones. The bag hangs from a hip-belt that can be shifted, while the shoulder strap only stabilizes it to the body, in a position most suitable for the right- or left-handed user at a given stage of work. A fourth element is a purse that hangs from the belt. The bag’s capacity can by regulated for changing amounts, and it is stiff enough to protect the mail and help segregate it. The mailman can use the magnetically-closing flap to write out notes, and the addressee can use it to sign receipts. The carefully selected dimensions allow the bags to be combined into sets which can be transported by bicycle or by cart. The prototype was made with the aid of HiMountain, with technologies and materials used for modern tourist backpacks. The Polish Post logo used for the design derives from Zofia Szostkiewcz’s graduation project. In spite of the specialized target of the finished product, it would surely find a wider pool of grateful users.