Barbara Szőke (HU)
Locked up but still free
M.A. project
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest
doc. M.A. Orlai Balázs
The author has reached beyond the typical roles of design, such as utility and aesthetics, and endowed it with a social goal. She has concentrated on the girls from juvenile centres, serving time for crime. The factor of successful resocialisation for such girls is relatively low. In the centres, they can hardly ever make their own decisions; their self-esteem is declining; they lose internal motivation. This gives rise to the idea of creative workshops to increase their sense of agency and help them cope with difficult situations. The girls create miniature copies of themselves – the “miniMe” dolls, which enable them to take a look at themselves and their situation from a different perspective. Moreover, through the project, the designer wants to emphasise the spiritual and ritual roles that dolls have always played in many cultures.