Roman Kaczmarczyk (PL)
Layout Design for the Sarp Polish Architects’ Association Magazine
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
adj. Marian Słowicki
“Arch” is the bimonthly of the Polish Architects’ Association that was brought to life last year, replacing their previous title, “Komunikat SARP” [The SARP Bulletin]. It chiefly serves the role of a bulletin to spread information on events in architecture, including competitions and awards. The graphic design of this part of the magazine constituted the most important problem. The designer translated the magazine’s atypical structure into an extensive timeline, an information section, articles beginning with information charts, and many other minor solutions to put the material in order. For the layout of the running text he used the sans-serif Botanika and Botanika Alt types, while the clearly drawn “architectural” titles were set in Titilium. The publication is 297 × 235 mm. The pages are built on patterns of six columns, most frequently combined in rows of two or three.
We unanimously evaluated this design very positively, even though we were merely given photo documentation of the spreads (with no details). We appreciated the comprehensible, transparent structure, and the division of the text interwoven with strong, minimalist titles. This last feature, and the elegant and unambiguous cover give the design a clarity and lightness, and make it far from tedious. Our choice was confirmed by the fact that it will soon be implemented.