Julia Szymanowska (PL)
HANGUL – Korean language learning toy project
B.A. project
Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts in Poznań
doktor Magdalena Grenda
Although Asian languages are becoming more and more popular in Europe, educational resources in this field are still hard to come by. The project of a wooden toy is meant to help primary school children in learning Korean and becoming familiar with Korean culture. To learn any Asian language, learners must first master its writing system. The Korean alphabet is called Hangul: it consists of 24 basic characters, including 14 consonant letters and 10 vowel letters. The author of the project designed six square boards with consonant and vowel blocks, which can be used for forming syllables. The boards create a durable structure in the shape of a cube, where the blocks can be stored. The toy set is accompanied by a manual, containing the Latin script of the Korean letters and all the possible syllable combinations.