Dominika Wysogląd (PL)
Orange Lab
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Tomek Rygalik
Orange Lab is an experimental workshop for processing organic waste for refined and entirely natural cosmetics. The designer conceived a production line which allows her to create cosmetics (soaps, peelings, and foaming bath bombs) from orange peels, essential oils, and other ingredients before the clients’ eyes. She has designed not only the work conditions, but also the production process, as well as the visual identity and the packaging for four series of cosmetics. In times of mass shortage, orange peels were not discarded; they were used for baking homemade cakes. At that time, no one would have believed in the idea of processing them, for there were too few peels. The orange laboratory is a far cry from the home kitchen of thirty years ago. The simplicity of the ash‑wood workshop is charmingly elegant and sensual; small wonder that the hand production of cosmetics has been elevated to a ritual. The design combines DIY ideas with environmental responsibility, which allowed the designer to perceive the value in the organic citrus‑fruit waste, which, we may recall, cannot be composted.