Michał Bartkowiak (PL)
Two-Way Doors
M.A. project
Arts University in Poznań
prof. Jolanta Usarewicz Owsian
Everyone has had the unpleasant experien- ce of trying to push open a door that ought to be pulled. In public buildings a sign might come to the rescue, though even then, the less observant might do the wrong thing. Observations of this sort were the point of departure for this design of doors that open both ways. There are two turning axes, the fitting constructions are newly developed, and the door is placed at a small angle in relation to the frame. This idea breaks the convention of facing the door to the wall, but it does provide clear information as to where it should be pushed, and where pulled. The door looks as though it is slightly ajar, inviting people to enter. This solution has one more advantage: people in wheelchairs can go through the door by pushing it, which is much easier than the reverse. This sort of movement is also more advantageous when both our hands are full. The design does not include locking options, and has been made with interiors in mind. In some cases it could be as visually attractive as it is functional.