Weronika Wojnarowicz (PL)
Cork as a material for industrial designers
B.A. project
Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź
Dr Rafał Dobruchowski
This graduation project consisted in a search for materials that could constitute an alternative to plastic. The designer took numerous factors into account, including ecology, consumer awareness, and processing technologies. Cork proved to be the best natural material. In the project, the designer used processing biowaste – cork dust and granules. She combined them with casein glue, essential oils, Topas, and epoxidised natural rubber. In cooperation with Łódź University of Technology and the Corkpol company, she ran a series of experiments. The biomaterials were tested in 3D printing and laser processing. In result, possible applications, technologies, and specific implementations were found for them. As part of the project, the author designed a logotype for the Biomatpolimery research team operating at the university. The project is currently undergoing the process of patent application in Poland.