Alicja Wianecka (PL)
Women’s City Bike Helmet Kaska
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk
Prof. Marek Adamczewski
Recent years have seen growing awareness of the need to wear bike helmets, both in Poland and in other countries. The market is dominated by models for sporty young people, and does not always answer to women’s needs and tastes. While meeting the basic aim of protecting the head in an accident, the designer has introduced several improvements, including the comfortable Casco Loc chin strap adjustment system, and air holes in the body of the helmet. Another innovation is the option of detaching the inner parts made of “breathable” coolmax, which should ensure hygiene. The back part of the helmet has an elongated opening for tied hair. Another convenience for when we park the bike is the two holes in the side of the shell, which let you safely strap your helmet to your bike frame. The form of the product departs from the often pretentious models currently on the market, in favor of what the designer believes to be more feminine solutions. It recalls an equestrian helmet, which might be a better fit for urban tastes.