Mária Kobelová (CZ)
I am.
M.A. project
University of West Bohemia in Pilsen
Gabriel Vach
“I am in good shape. I am really here. I am pleasant to look at” – this is how the author describes her collection. “I am” is a set of light and delicate porcelain and wooden objects. They reflect the author’s thoughts about the sense of products’ aesthetic influence on the user’s mind. All components are based on an original, organic shape, although they differ significantly as far as form is concerned. The collection is comprised of several items: a vase, plates, a cup, and small containers in three colour versions. Wood was used to create trays which are more than just a decoration: this is a vibrant element of the whole set. The combination of porcelain and wooden shapes creatively encourages playing and discovering new ideas for them. “I am” has an open form, so, in fact, an indefinite number of elements can be added to it as the time goes. When the set is not in use, it becomes an object of art.