Edina Andrási (HU)
Deconstructive Dish Set for a Porcelain Factory
M.A. project
University of West Hungary in Sopron
János Probstner
The designer has put forward a tea set for two famous Hungarian porcelain producers: Herend and Zsolnay. Both world‑renowned factories were seeking to launch a new product. The designer radically changed the design while only slightly departing from the production technology. Maintaining the traditional function, she has created a set with personality. She selected a set from either company and combined them in the production process to make a new set. The result was the new Hybrid set – eye‑catching, remarkable, even shocking. In focusing on developing the form, Edina Andrási has foregrounded the artistic aspect of design and her own way of thinking about it. The historical, chiefly baroque forms have been deconstructed to create entirely new objects, though – paradoxically – they also recall the histories of the two older tea sets, which are still manufactured in their original forms.