Iwona Drewniak (PL)
Postwar Modernism in Lublin
M.A. project
Maria Curie‑Skłodowska University in Lublin
Sławomir Plewko
Postwar Modernism in Lublin is an illustrated book with eleven of the city’s most interesting modernist buildings. The historical and cultural value and the significance of the modernist buildings created in the People’s Republic would appear to be undervalued in our day. The publication was created to promote Lublin’s architecture from this period. Iwona Drewniak has borrowed texts by Marcin Semeniuk, an architecture graduate from the Lublin University of Technology. She has put forward a very minimalist book design, both in terms of the illustrations and the layout itself. Each building has two illustrations. The first depicts a characteristic detail, the second is a vector drawing of the building’s shape in perspective. The neat and very transparent layout of the publication helps the designer draw our attention to the details and highlight the utilitarian nature of the illustrations. The publication should certainly win the approval of modernism enthusiasts, as well as those active in protecting the modernist legacy in architecture.