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The SPFP Design Association (formerly the Association of Industrial Designers) is an organization associating Polish designers, academics, innovators and scientists. SPFP has over 100 members.The aim of the organization is to promote and support designers and the design industry, cooperate with universities and institutions, and inform about good design practices.    

Last year, SPFP celebrated- 60 years of activity! Due to this special anniversary, the SPFP Design Association decided to undertake an ambitious initiative - to create online platform "Polish Design Connects".    

– this is a place where you can find knowledge about Polish design; historical and contemporary information about creators, scientists, brands, products, collections and collectors, enthusiasts, design centers, organizations, events, festivals, media (and many others). The digital platform has been operating since the end of October 2023 to collect more information each day and create tools to help navigate the chaotic real and virtual reality.